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Protective Waterproof Coatings

Are you looking to waterproof or protect flooring, foundations, tanks or virtually anything else? Look nowhere else. At High Performance Solutions, our polyurea coatings can protect your most valuable property for years to come.

In essence, protective surface coatings are applied for function and aesthetics. They are chemical mixtures of solvents, pigments, and other additives that form a thin, film-like coating, which is applied to add protection to different types of materials. In turn, this helps prolong their lifetime.

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Why Use Coatings?

On the most basic level, coatings are usually applied to enhance curb appeal and aesthetics. Examples of these are paint, stains and varnishes.

Meanwhile, industries use coatings heavily to protect both structures and equipment. Various combinations of chemical components are used in different kinds of coatings to address damaging factors like weathering, heavy use and foot traffic.

Surface coatings are essential in both industrial applications and consumer-level needs. Different types of surface coatings are formulated to make materials adaptable and resilient to their environment and for a specific purpose.

  • Easy Maintenance

  • Heat Resistant

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Superior Protection

  • Extreme Durability

  • 100% Waterproof

Coating Applications

One’s choice of surface coating type is based on a host of factors like environment, function, material compatibility, cost and lifetime. Gladly, coatings are continuously being improved overtime to address the needs of more types of industries and consumers.

Tank Coatings

Storage tanks come in different material types like metal, steel and concrete. These materials have unique properties that also vary the suitable type of tank coating.

In the same way, storage tanks hold various kinds of elements inside like water, chemicals, and even gas. These materials may react differently to their container, thus, accelerating the deterioration process. Not to mention, the outdoor factors that can cause degradation and corrosion.

Meanwhile, industrial tank coatings should have more stringent requirements because of their scale. Aside from the environment and purpose, industries are also considering maintenance and economy when it comes to their choice of tank coating.

High/Low Temp Coatings

Temperature, whether constant high or low, unstable, or fluctuating, has a deteriorating effect on materials. Thus, you must understand the temperature-related properties of your materials to know the suitable type of surface coating for it.

  • High-temperature coating: Specifically, high temp coatings should be able to protect a material by withstanding factors like abrasion and corrosion, even while being subject to extremely high temperatures.
  • Freezer coating: On the contrary, freezer coating helps equipment, rooms, or storage spaces maintain the low-temperature stability inside them. Examples are freezers, coolers, cool storage, and sub-zero facilities.

Floor Coating

Coating floors should mainly help the material resist the damaging factors brought about by high foot traffic. In the same way, they should also slow down the weathering process and make the floor safe to use in the event of spills, whether by water or chemicals.

For example, gym floor coatings should be non-slip for the gym users’ safety, and durable enough to hold heavy equipment without getting scratched or cracked easily.

Seamless Coatings

As its name suggests, a seamless coating is a membrane-like material that’s continuous throughout the surface; that is, without seams, gaps, holes or joints. They are suitable as roofing coatings so these can prevent moisture or water penetration.

Meanwhile, roofing coatings should also have UV-reflective or insulation properties and temperature resistance.

Customized Coatings to Suit Your Needs

High Performance Solutions offers customized coating solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We follow high standards of quality throughout our processes to guarantee functional and long-lasting protection for your materials, structures and equipment. Call us or fill out or form below to request a quote today.

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