High Performance Concrete Coatings

Concrete coatings can benefit your home or building in a multitude of ways. It increases its aesthetic appeal, slows down deterioration and protects people from accidents like tripping or slipping. Applying a High Performance Solutions concrete coating is essential for prolonging your building’s lifespan and improving its appearance.

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Why Apply Concrete Coating?

It is possible to leave concrete floors or walls bare and still remain functional. However, being exposed like that hastens the deteriorating process as they do not have the properties to resist weathering elements like wind, rain, moisture, and UV rays.

To add protection to concrete beams, floors, walls, etc.

Custom concrete coatings are designed to add protection to concrete walls and floors. They are added to concrete floors and walls to help them resist damaging elements present in their environments like weathering and foot traffic. Usually in liquid or semi-liquid form, concrete coatings are applied on cured concrete to provide immediate protection against various elements.

Different kinds of indoor and outdoor concrete coatings are available with each providing either many or specific benefits.

For example, polyurea concrete finishes are intended to absorb UV rays and have a strong heat resistance property. Meanwhile, urethane coatings can resist chemical spills and are popular with warehouses and aircraft hangars. Epoxy coatings can be used both in residential and commercial areas; the color quartz version already comes with a design, too.

Concrete floor coatings can also slow down corrosion from abrasion and high foot traffic. They can also make your floors resist chemical reactions from accidental spills.

When used outdoors, concrete coating can prevent moisture penetration from rain or snow. Some types can also make floors slip-resistant, therefore, safer for people to use.

Concrete waterproofing coatings help your structure resist moisture and water absorption. Water is one of the major enemies of structures as it can creep inside and cause damage without you noticing right away. It can also cause mold and mildew growth that is harmful to human health. Most types of concrete coatings have waterproofing properties that can prolong your structure’s lifetime while not being detrimental to your health.

To add aesthetic appeal to your home or building

Meanwhile, bare concrete isn’t also that appealing to look at. It is also not versatile to work with when it comes to both interior and outdoor design unless the theme you are looking after to achieve is what it is.


Since they are customized, you can also use concrete coatings to make your home or structure more beautiful to look at. They also help harmonize your home’s overall theme or design. Concrete paint is an example of both indoor and exterior concrete coatings since it can be implemented in different colors and finishes while protecting


For you to maximize the benefits of concrete coating, you must apply the right type. And the choice is dependent on different factors like the area, the environment, the purpose, and foot traffic. Thus, it is best to work with professionals to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.