At High Performance Solutions, we create linings for ponds, pools, landfills, tanks, gutters, and more. We ensure the use of premium protective polyurea that are suited to what the liner is meant for. Keep in mind that not all liners are created equal. For instance, a pond liner is very different from a tank liner.

All our polyurea liners are incredibly versatile and long-lasting, with typical lifespans lasting 15+ years.  The installation of liners should always be left up to professionals who have ample experience and knowledge in the field.

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Why Apply Concrete Coating?

lining is a membrane that is applied to ponds, tanks, reservoirs, artificial streams, retention basins, and other similar areas mainly for the retention of liquids. Linings are made to be impermeable and they are also constructed of heavy-duty geomembranes

Geomembranes are low-permeability synthetic liners or membranes that help fluid control and they can contain liquid or gas migration in a given structure or system

The main use of liners is to contain the liquid within a specific area and to prevent corrosion and leakage. Liners can be customized depending on what liquid you want to store.

Types of Linings

Here are a few types of linings and coatings that High Performance Solutions deals with

  • Pond Linings: A pond lining is used for the retention of liquids in a pond. Ponds are of many different types such as an ash pond, retention pond, waste pond, settling pond; different biomes like duck ponds, fish ponds, and beaver dams. Pond liners may also be used for different pools. Types of pond liner materials are HDPE (high-density polyethylene), LLDPE (low-density polyethylene), RPE (reinforced polyethylene),PVC (polyvinyl chloride), butyl or synthetic rubber, and more
  • Tank Linings: A tank lining is used to line the inside of a tank. These liners are usually strong materials that create a thick layer and prevent contamination, leaking and corrosion. Custom tank liners are made depending on the configuration, shape and size of your tank. Tank linings are used to control spills and leaks and secondary containment liners are made to resist damage by the tank contents, damage by various elements, tears or punctures. Examples of tank liners are epoxy linings, vinyl ester tank liners, polyurethane linings, cementitious liners, zinc tank liners and more
  • Gutter Linings: A gutter lining is a membrane that is applied to a gutter to prevent rotting, corrosion and wear and tear. Gutter liners can be used on any type of material including asbestos, lead, concrete, wood, or metal no matter what the size is. Gutter linings may be used on external gutters, internal gutters, residential or commercial roof valleys, and box gutters. Gutter liners are usually made of rubber or PVC membranes.

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